There has been a misperception of what my role has been at The Computer Workshop.  Since my previous career involved sales in the digital marketing arena, many assume that I have continued in the same field but such is not the case.

My previous job involved commissions, budgets and KPIs.  Now, my job is to find businesses and people who need our help but don’t know what services we provide.  No commissions, budgets or KPIs involved at all.

Our name is a misnomer as we don’t just fix computers.  It did start out that way but when you go to repair a computer, sometimes the problem isn’t the computer but the router.  But the router is connected to the internet and the internet is connected to the phones. So over the course of time, our technicians have had to learn to trouble shoot and repair all manner of systems and equipment. Even many of our existing clients are not aware of the extent of our services. 

So how do we operate?  I just go out and literally “pound pavements” calling in to businesses to see if they need IT help.  Sometimes they are happy with one provider but not the other.  If there’s something we can do to help, I arrange a free consultation with one of our senior technicians to find our exactly what their problem is in order to provide a solution.  Many are not aware of the options available as technology is evolving so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up. Once we make sure we’ve heard what the needs are we will then go away and formulate a proposal based on what we learned in our initial consultation.

If the proposal is accepted, our technicians go into action to make it all happen in a timely manner.  We usually have a whole team working on the project to make it happen quickly and efficiently.  As with anything new, there may be teething problems but our technicians prefer to get the job done properly so our clients don’t have to call us again.  The last thing we provide is a “band aid treatment” so clients have to keep coming back again and again.  Let’s do the job properly once and for all so clients can get on with running their business.

Very often, a new client would engage our services in one particular field.  When they realize how efficient we are they are then likely to use us for more and more jobs until we take care of everything they have that touches the internet.  Many are happy to have just one provider and not have to think about who they need to call regarding any particular problem.

A couple of months after the work is completed, I usually call or drop in to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything.  Most times, I find the clients can’t believe we did what we said we were going to do.  I know it may sound boastful but our technicians are the best and really know their trade so it’s been a treat to work with them.  Don’t get me wrong.  We’re not perfect and we do make mistakes but we’re quick to respond and rectify the situation.

So that, in a nutshell, is what I do at The Computer Workshop.