When you think about IT, generally people associate it with words such as “fast”, “reliable”, and “smart”. These are all very accurate, however on some occasions technology can fail us. Let’s face it, without these issues The Computer Workshop Group would lose a large portion of our business.

However, in some instances, people are forgetting the most basic troubleshooting methods to fix a simple issue.

  • A good old restart: Next time your computer, or even smart phone is “glitching”, try turning it off, waiting at least 30 seconds and then turning it on again. These days people are rarely turning off their devices, so performing this simple step may just be the solution required for your PC or mobile to “catch up”.
  • Close those Windows / Apps: We are all guilty of leaving unused screens open and running in the background. By closing these, your device will be able to run more efficiently and will even save your battery power.
  • Clean it! Have you ever tried to charge your mobile phone only to find that the connection keeps faulting? Our mobiles/tables are often exposed to a variety of lint and debris that can build up overtime causing connection issues. To perform a deep clean, it is recommended to take your device into a repair or service shop to avoid damaging your device.
  • Cable Check: If your PC setup is not well situated you may accidentally knock or dislodge a power cable. Safely inspect these cables to ensure they are seated properly.
  • Run a system scan: By completing a system scan and defrag regularly your computer can run at full optimisation and safely remove any unwanted programs and potential threats to your device.

Hopefully, over time these steps will be useful to you, however, if you are experiencing issues we are always happy to help you. If you need to bring a device in for repair or service, it is recommended that you take note of any / all “error messages” or “pop-ups” that display on your screen. This will assist our technician in accurately faulting the device. In turn, this will reduce the duration of service and potentially the overall cost of resolving any issues.

If for any reason you believe you have been subject to a scam, virus attack, or even phishing attack we strongly urge you to take note, or even take a photo of exactly what was received, this will help to address the issue. With the only goal being to find a solution to your IT problems, our technicians are incredibly passionate about what they do. Their experience and knowledge are forever growing and adapting to the ever-changing world of technology.

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