Since our workshop in Cloncurry is relatively close to Mount Isa, we’ve been picking up lots of clients in the world’s biggest city, landwise – or so it’s listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2010.  Mount Isa’s total civic area covers 43,310 square kilometers and is surrounded by some of the district’s most remote communities.  With an urban population of around 20,000, it is the administrative, commercial and industrial centre of Queensland’s vast north-western region. It has one of the world’s most productive single mines in world history based on the combined production of lead, silver, copper and zinc.

The Mount Isa mining field was first discovered in 1923 by an itinerant prospector call John Campbell Mile who named one of his leases after his sister Isabelle. He camped on the Leichhardt River and took rock sample from an outcrop and knew by their weight that they were mineralised.

From its humble origins nearly 100 years ago, Mount Isa has grown into a progressive city in the centre of Queensland’s desert heart.

However, Mount Isa is not just mining.  From the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic to the annual Isa Street Festival, Outback at Isa, Hard Times Mine and ample retail and shopping facilities, there is always a wide variety of attractions to make living, working or even just visiting the city so worthwhile.

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