VoIP Services

Tailored VoIP Services In Townsville

Our goal at The Computer Workshop is to provide the highest quality telecommunications services to businesses in Townsville and North Queensland, including landline, high-speed internet and mobile data services with local support.

The Computer Workshop delivers state-of-the-art solutions for phone systems and VoIP for businesses. As a result of our access to a wide range of communication products from several vendors, we can deliver cost-effective and tailored solutions for every type of business.

How VoIP Helps Businesses

SMEs, large corporations and everything in between can benefit from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. Unlike the public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP transmits voice data digitally over the internet rather than through traditional phone jacks.

If your business has remote workers or staff that work in multiple locations, they can benefit from VoIP because their employees can bring their business phone lines with them. VoIP is also cost-effective for businesses.

With a cloud-based solution, future employees can easily add phone lines and benefit from improved sound quality and simpler equipment, making it an attractive choice for small to medium companies.

High Quality Hardware

The Computer Workshop only stocks VoIP handsets from leading suppliers, including Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream and Poly. These are available in traditional corded models and cordless options, offering a range of benefits over conventional PTSN phone handsets.

A significant advantage of VoIP is making international calls from anywhere, no matter what phone system is in use or the strength of the available signal. In addition, these powerful handsets give you access to your email, apps and much more, and you can log into any VoIP device around the world (including your smartphone) to access your business network.

VoIP Gateway technology and VoIP routing allow you to make and receive phone calls from anywhere using your mobile device.

Contact Us For Reliable VoIP Set Up

At our company, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are 100 per cent satisfied, not only with the products but also with the services. To get the best and most affordable business VoIP setup, contact The Computer Workshop today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses can benefit from VoIP phone systems. VoIP phone systems can be scaled to meet the needs of any business but are especially suitable for SMEs and small businesses due to their scalability and low costs.

Your internet speed plays a vital role in the quality of VoIP calls. Low speeds can cause calls to be interrupted, delayed, and dropped. Your office’s internet speed and general VoIP readiness can be assessed with a simple VoIP quality test.

The modem and router of your existing internet setup are required for a VoIP phone system to function. Your call software can be downloaded to any device, including smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. VoIP phones are also capable of making calls.