Since our technicians regularly travel through Charters Towers on the way to our workshops in Clermont and Cloncurry, we’ve picked up a lot of clients in the Charters Towers Region.  It’s especially exciting now that “The Towers” is in the beginning of a boom and we are proud to play a major role in the development of reliable IT services.

Charters Towers is rich in history, and famously known as a gold mining city.

If you have travelled through The Towers you would have seen first hand the charm of the preserved buildings on the main streets.

With a range of historical attractions to pay homage to the great city, you can’t help but be transported back in time,  This all sounds so romantic until you have to deal with failing technology. That’s why our team of technicians at The Computer Workshop in Townsville make regular visit to The Towers to find solutions to the multitude of IT issues that can arise in such a quaint community.


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