The Computer Workshop Clermont Storefront

When our owner/director Chris Bugeja sold his original version of The Laptop Man, he had an agreement not to work in computers in Townsville for 3 years.  This was fine for a short time but Chris loves to help people with their IT issues so he started On The Road Computers and travelled out to remote regions in North Western Queensland where only the brave dare go.  IT issues are rampant there as those who live in remote communities had no one to help.  Chris soon built up a reputation among those communities for his creative solutions and decided to invest in property in Clermont since it is a major hub for the large coal mines as well as serving the agricultural communities in the vicinity.

He bought and renovated a building at 30 Capella Street and once very 4-6 weeks a team of technicians from our head office in Townsville will drive out with loads of equipment and computer supplies to service our valued clients in the Isaac Region


Call us today on 1300 775 442.