On a recent excursion to the Gulf of Carpentaria our team of technicians were on hand to help the good people of Normanton.

They arrived with the necessary tools of the trade to be able to help whatever IT issues arise in such a remote location.


Normanton was established primarily as a port for the cattle industry but gained importance when gold was discovered in Croydon in 1885.

Is has become famous for having the largest crocodile shot in Australia.  The 8.63 metre long reptile was shot in July 1957 by a 30 year old Polish woman called Krys Pawlowski.

The old croc has been stuffed a mounted on a pedestal in the main street.  If you’d like to see the live variety, you can take a drive to the Mutton Hole Wetlands where you might catch and ol salty basking in the sun.

Definitely not recommended you take a swim or even walk by the waters as it’s a crocodile breeding habitat.


Our boys were impressed with the good food they enjoyed from the local café.


If you live in the area and need help with IT, give us a call on 1300 775 442 and we’ll let you know when we’ll be in your area.