Phone & Internet Townsville

Internet Plans

  • 4G Plans
  • Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) Plans
  • Fibre To The Node (FTTN) Plans
  • Fibre To The Building (FTTB) Plans
  • Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) Plans
  • Fixed Wireless Plans
  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) Plans
  • Satellite Plans
  • Customised Redundant Combination Plans
  • Static IP Address issued standard on all plans (except 4G and Satellite)

IP & VoIP Phones

  • VoIP Landline Services
  • Virtual Mobile Services
  • 1300 / 1800 Numbers
  • Cloud Based PABX
  • Premium Grade Hardware Supplied & Installed
  • VoIP Services are delivered by all forms of Internet Connectivity

At The Computer Workshop, we’re committed to delivering premium phone and internet services to residents and businesses in Townsville. Whether you’re in need of superfast broadband for your home office or a phone system capable of sustaining a thriving business, our technicians are ready and waiting to deliver quick and cost-effective services.

NBN Internet Services

The NBN is a better form of internet connection that offers the fastest and most reliable service available. Regular internet connections use just copper wires, whilst NBN can use fiber or mixed copper/fiber cables capable of transmitting data incredibly high speeds. This ensures that download and upload speeds are as fast as possible.

We offer a range of plans to suit your requirements, including fibre-to-the-premises  (FTTP) and fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) packages. Some options use copper wire to connect local fibre cables to your home, while others hook fiber cables directly to the premises. This has a little more initial cost but truly offers the best results when it comes to speeds and reliability.

Static IP Addresses For Remote Work

Are you hoping to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to streamline collaborative processes in your business? Perhaps you’re hoping to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for conference calls and other telecommunications? A static IP address will make these processes much easier. At Computer Workshop, we issue static IP addresses with all of our plans, excluding satellite and 4g packages.

VoIP Systems For Expanding Businesses

An ever-growing number of businesses are using VoIP to power their internal and external communications. VoIP allows users to make phone calls to landlines, mobile phones, and even computers using an internet connection. It also allows users to share files and make video calls at a very low cost. If you’re hoping to save money and future-proof your telecommunications system, do not hesitate to install VoIP today.

Impeccable Customer Service That Won’t Let You Down

At The Computer Workshop, we know just how important stable phone and internet connections are for keeping your work and home life running smoothly. As such, our operatives and customer representatives are committed to delivering unbeatable levels of service.

Whether you’re an individual homeowner or own a fully-fledged business, we will tailor your phone and internet package to suit your usage requirements while respecting your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slow internet can be caused by the quality of your hardware, interference with over devices, or your modem or router not being configured properly. If you’re struggling to determine the reason, call our team for help today!

If you already have a working line in your building, the installation will take a couple of days. New installations can take up to two weeks.

We are happy to safely dispose of old IT equipment following an update (at a small cost). Rest assured we destroy sensitive information stored on devices.

You must be connected to the internet to use VoIP. Fortunately, our internet packages are of the highest quality meaning you won’t be left out.