Our technicians were in Croydon recently working on cleaning out unnecessary cabling and equipment to install new phones for a local business.  It’s amazing how removing all the old gear can allow phones to operate more efficiently.

With the heat and humidity, dust can get into the wiring and hardware and wreak havoc with technology.

Croydon is a small township where the Nomanton to Croydon railway line terminates. It’s often called the railway from ”nowhere to nowhere” as it still is the last isolated and disconnected line of Queensland Rail from Normanton to Croydon.  If you want a total out back experience, you can take an adventurous trip on the Gulflander Tourist Train.  It will take you through the savannah country on original and termite resistant, heritage listed sleepers and steel rails.

The A10 steam locomotives still in use were originally brought to Croydon to open up the region for the Cloncurry copper mine.  It’s operation was stepped up when gold was discovered in the area in 1868.

If you’re a history buff, a visit to the Heritage Precinct is a must.  Visitors can freely enjoy exploring the Court House c. 1887, Croydon Town Hall c. 1890, Police Station and Gaol 1896 and Police Sergeant’s Residence c. 1898.

Streets were lit with kerosene lamps in the gold rush days so 4 of the originals forged in Croydon and replicas line the sandstone-curbed streets around the heritage precinct and throughout the rest of town giving an old time atmosphere at night.

The Club Hotel which was built in 1887 has retained it’s historic essence with the old style rooms, atmosphere and rough and tumble way of the Australian outback.

There’s lots to do with Lake Belmore for great fishing, tennis courts, golf course, trails close to town for bush walking, mountain biking, trail running and bird watching.

If you live in the area, you know this already but if you need help with IT, give us a call on 1300 775 442 or sign up for our newsletter on line and we will let you know when we are planning another trip to your area.