Data Cabling

Here at The Computer Workshop Group, our specialised technicians and engineers provide the best solution when it comes to Data Cabling installation and maintenance.

With a vast range of experience in both residential and commercial, you can rest assure you structural cabling is fitted to optimize and deliver.

Our Data Cabling Services:

  • IP Camera Systems
  • Fibre optic
  • Voice and Data
  • Installation of Data Cabinets, and Server Racks
  • Data Room Temperature Monitoring
  • Networking
  • Intercom

Let us guide you through and create suitable and appropriate system to suit your requirements.

Maximize speed and incorporate a safe a secure network today.

We don’t just offer basic cabling services here at The Computer Workshop Group.

Our specilised technicians also provide experienced cabling in the following fields:

TV and Satellite Cabling:

  • TV antenna
  • Satellite VAST
  • Audio and Visual
  • Surround Sound
  • Theatre Room

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