Even though Karumba is a town of around 500 residents, our technicians will travel there to troubleshoot and solve whatever IT issues they have.


Living in such a remote community can be challenging when you need help with technology.  Our boys are familiar with the problems experienced by the people who make a living in such conditions.


They come with a truck loaded with cables and tools to fix all manner of IT complications.


Situated on the mouth of the Norman River which empties out into the Gulf of Carpentaria, Karumba is well known for its recreational fishing and birdwatching.


It’s famous for barramundi and even has a purpose built Barramundi Discovery Centre and Hatchery where you an hand feed the great fish that can grow over a metre in length.  It’s the only hatchery in the world that has succeeded in breeding this strain which they release in Lake Moondarra, Lake Belmore, the local Norman River and the Albert River in Burketown.


The most spectacular sunsets in the world can be viewed from the pub in town.  As the sun sets over the sea, the sky is ablaze in brilliant colour which can’t be captured in a photo. There is always so much to do there besides the fishing and birdwatching. There are lots of nature and heritage walks, beach and even a wildlife cruise along the river where you may be able to spot a croc or two.


If you’re in the area and need help with IT, give us a call on 1300 775 442