Remote Assistance Townsville

Whether you live in a remote location, or you prefer to call for assistance, our qualified team of technicians at The Computer Workshop Townsville at 361 Bayswater Road, Garbutt have one goal in mind, and that is to give you the ability to do what you do best, and to get you back up and running your business or personal computer.

Its fast, efficient and dependable. Call us today on 1300 775 442.


Quicker Response Time


Reduction In Overall Costs With No Travel


Requires Little Configuration

Increased Uptime

  • Available for both new & existing customers
  • Network, server, workstation, laptop & internet issues
  • Team is available during normal business hours
  • We try to limit remote jobs to work that can be accomplished in 2 hours or less

We provide “Remote Assistance” with one goal in mind – to give you the ability to do what you do best and to get you back to running your business.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you!