Even though Home Hill is a small rural town of around 3000 people, the team at The Computer Workshop have helped quite a number of businesses and private individuals in the area.


We have helped business update their internet/phone system, upgrade computers and even simple tasks like connect printers.  It’s palpable the relief they get to have someone knowledgeable to come and sort out their IT issues.


Home Hill a quaint little town just passed Ayr and across the famous Burdekin Bridge when driving south on the Bruce Highway.  Sugar cane is the main product with underground water to irrigate and the Inkerman Mill to process the cane during the crushing season.

Many of the locals call it “Stinkerman Mill” as the pungent smell of crushed cane permeates the atmosphere.  The mill was founded in 1914 and currently owned and operated by Wilmar Sugar.


There is a well-established railway system to cart the harvested cane from the farms to the mill.  Little train locomotives chugging along with a multitude of cane bins is a common sight during the crushing season.


When our technicians are in town they will often buy lunch at the Home Hill bakery, well known for its sandwiches and pastries.  We often try to support the local businesses when working away from the workshop.


If you’re in Home Hill and need any sort of technical help with IT, give us a call on 1300 775 442 so we can “Make IT Happen” for you.