The small township of Pentland is on the Flinders Highway between Charters Towers and Hughenden.  With a population fluctuating between 250 – 300 residents, it is but a shadow of its previous glory.

It was first established in 1850 but when the Cape River goldfields opened un July 1867 on the advice of geologist Richard Daintree, it soon swelled in population to 20,000 men.  It was originally called Bett’s Creek  but was renamed  Pentland in 1885.


The Great Northern Railway opened a station there in October 1884 giving service to the new post office which was opened at the same time.  This made Pentland a critical junction for rail and communication in outback Queensland.


The Pentland Meatworks was opened in 1943 to meet the needs of the Australian and American forces arriving in North Queensland during World War ll. When the war ended, the need for the meatworks diminished and it passed through various hands until it eventually closed in September 1989.


A local sawmill also contributed to the economy of the town.


The future of Pentland looks promising with large coal reserves identified in the area so there may be opportunities in coal mining with the technological advances in the mining industry.


There has also been a feasibility study in the potential to develop land for sugar cane production, milling, ethanol and cogeneration in the region.


The Pentland Hotel in Main Street not only provides meals and accommodation but the history of the community.


A visit to the Burra Range Lookout on the Flinders Highway at the Burra Range Rest Area is worth a visit for the spectacular views.


Our technicians often pass through Pentland on their way to our workshop in Clermont so if you ever need help with IT, give us a call on 1300 775 442.