With all the rampant crime going on in our suburbs, many have opted to go to the expense of installing CCTV as a deterrent.

Most people don’t realise that if the cameras are not installed by a licensed cabler and security provider, it is possible for the footage to be thrown out of court.

That’s why the police are not able to use all the footage published on Facebook or any social media.

Some are so brazen; they don’t care if caught on camera and will even make obscene gestures to antagonise whoever sees the footage.

While the police work hard to apprehend the perpetrators of crime, their hands are tied by technicalities.  An unscrupulous lawyer could argue that the cameras were not installed correctly which would render the footage inadmissible.

You can only imagine how frustrating that can be, not only for the victims but also for the officers involved.

While you can go and purchase CCTV cameras from any hardware store or even online, the investment is rendered inadmissible when it really counts.

You always get what you pay for so investing in good quality equipment and having it installed by professionals is best in the long run.

I’ve had my cameras installed by the licensed cablers at The Computer Workshop when we were continually being targeted by groups of felons in our neighborhood.

Not long after their installation, the gremlins tried again but the footage that was uploaded to the police was so good, they were able to apprehend one of the culprits.  Since it was uploaded by a licensed security advisor, there was no having it thrown out of court.

Ever since then, we’ve not had any further problems.  The offenders talk to each other and know who has the right system in place.

I’ve also registered my CCTV system with the Queensland Police Service as a part of the Community Camera Alliance.

Registration is totally voluntary and open to any individual, owner, or operator of a CCTV system.

Registration is easy.  Just go to https://www.police.qld.gov.au/safety-and-preventing-crime/community-camera-alliance and follow the prompts.  Your information is stored on a secure database and can only be accessed by the QPS.  You can change your mind at any time and have your details removed from the database.

The initiative promotes a better relationship between the public and the QPS by encouraging registration to prevent crime and make the community safer.  It provides an unquestionable account of the identity and actions of the offenders.

Knowing the location of CCTV systems around the neighborhood can maximise the efficiency of investigative resources and minimise the loss of potential evidence.  Finding suitable cameras can be time-consuming and research-intensive, particularly in serious investigations.

In most circumstances, you won’t be required to give evidence in court as the police will use an evidentiary certificate in the court proceedings.  However, if you choose not to employ professionals to install your cameras, the defense can challenge the evidence in court, and a witness may be required to give oral evidence to authenticate the CCTV footage.