Jens Kappes-Lowry - Technician
Jens Kappes-Lowry
Experience: Jens was the latest recruit on our team and started with us in October 2020. His eagerness to pull things apart and put them back together again made him to perfect candidate for the Tech Bay. Essentially, he had no formal qualifications prior to working with us but he is an avid “tinkerer” like all the other techs here which sits in good stead with us. His technical skills level has grown exponentially since starting with us. Eight years of retail experience has helped him deal with the diverse clientele who call on us for help. He has made himself a vital part of our team. He’s currently studying and working alongside Adrian to get his Open Cablers License as well as learning all things IT in the Tech Bay.
Outside of work, Jens has a passion for fast cars. Best he doesn’t get a work vehicle.
Jordan Wilson - Systems Engineer
Jordan Wilson
Experience: Jordan originally worked for Chris when he originally owned “The Laptop Man Townsville” from the age of 14 years. From the age of 16 till now he has worked in various IT businesses and Telstra for over 4 years. In August 2019 Chris had a position advertised to be filled, Jordan and Chris had always stayed in contact throughout his years roaming, so when Jordan called and said, “I just saw your advertisement for a position vacant” Chris replied with “just tell me the day and time you want to start young fella”. It was like Jordan had finally come home. Jordan has always been destined for a career in IT of some sort. He has certainly chiseled out a path with us a “The Computer Workshop Group”. I have known him since he was a kid. He has always had the customers best interests at heart and is one of the most patient techs I have ever had working for me. He has developed into a fine young man. He has found a niche in our Systems Team (even though he is an incredibly capable workshop tech as well). Jordan asks “A LOT” of questions because he has to understand everything. His desire to learn is unlike anyone else you have ever met. When we get a new device in the office to test, Jordan is the first person to take it to a corner or a test bench to play with it to learn all about it. Truthfully he just loves playing with anything IT. So with well over 10 years of experience Jordan has made a permanent position in our team through his great customer focused attitude and his hard work ethic. He’s currently also working with Adrian to get his Open Cablers License.
When he is not playing with IT, he is playing with his cars or motorbikes. He constantly watches “how to” video’s online to learn instead of free to air TV. You can get him to do almost anything if you feed him and incentivize him with chicken, ham or cheese in any form. Oh, and he does have a better half and 2 very cute boys.
Patrick Roberts - Technician
Patrick Roberts
Experience: Patrick started with “The Computer Workshop Townsville” in July 2018 after “The Laptop Man” closed down on Charters Towers Road. He was given an opportunity to work with us because Chris sensed his technical skills and knowledge would bloom with the correct environment in which to learn. Patrick has developed into an incredible technician both in the workshop and onsite. Prior to working with us he had never touched a Mac and now he is one of the best Mac repairers of the modern Mac that I have ever come across. He has made his position within the company invaluable. He is an incredible asset to the team and loves to specialize in building high end gaming and graphical machines. He has studied Information, Communication & Technology at JCU but has found that his love of learning on the go a better way to learn. Patrick’s experience is valued greatly and he has taken on the role of doing trips to the outback to service our bushy clients as well.
Patrick loves movies and computer games. At home, he’s setup his own gaming room including dual monitors and 34 inch curved display. When not being challenged by the latest game, he enjoys camping and going out with friends. He also has a beautifully manicured head of hair and a beard.
Gina Solano Client - Liason Officer
Gina Solano
Experience: Gina was recruited to work at “The Computer Workshop Group” in August 2020 after 18 years in the advertising and digital marketing industry. Chris was her client for 14 years starting from when he was the owner of the original “ The Laptop Man Townsville” to when he started “On The Road Computers” and then when he opened “The Computer Workshop Townsville”. She’s watched his business grow over the years from a one man operation to the team he now employs. Even though Gina enjoyed her work, the challenge of learning a new role when she could employ her people skills and desire to help businesses improve efficiency while reducing costs was too good to refuse. Gina’s professionalism is unparalleled and she is revered by her colleagues. She is a leader in her field.
Born and raised in Ayr, Gina moved to Townsville where she worked in the newspaper industry for many years. You will often see her walking her toy poodles around Mount Louisa where she lives with her husband of over 40 years. Together, they’ve lived in Darwin, Costa Rica and North Carolina. They returned to Townsville in 2007 to be closer to family and both are involved heavily with their church.
Admin Officer - Kelsey McGill
Kelsey McGill
Experience: Kelsey started working at “The Computer Workshop Group” in June 2020. She works alongside Fiona and her main job is to do all the invoicing work that the boys are too slow to do. Her attention to detail and ability to adapt quickly has made her an integral part of the team. Her attitude is wonderful and nothing is ever a problem. Prior to joining us she worked for 3 years in administration for an international company so she has a good grasp of business operations. For someone of her age, Kelsey is a rare jewel.
Kelsey was born and raised in Mount Isa but moved to Townsville in 2014 for more opportunities. She has completed a Diploma since completing her High School Education and her hobbies include camping and outdoor activities but most of all, socializing with her friends and family.
Fiona Maclean - Admin Officer
Fiona Maclean
Experience: Fiona joined the team in January 2017. Prior to starting with us at “The Computer Workshop Group”, she spent 25 years at the helm of several rural Queensland businesses including helicopter charter, quarry management, livestock transport and grazing enterprises. Her experience in financial management and BAS compliance is the perfect background for her current role with us as an Accounts Administrator. Her sharp eye for details combined with big picture administrative skills has made her an asset to our business. She is a proficient and reliable operator with an enthusiastic approach and takes pride in delivering a high level of customer service and engagement.
Fiona lived most of her life on cattle properties near the outback towns of Richmond and Hughenden where she loved the lifestyle and wide open spaces. In 2016 she was due for a sea change and moved to Townsville. Whatever spare time Fiona has is spent with her family who mean the world to her.
Adrian Warhurst - Licensed Cabler & Security Advisor
Adrian Warhurst
Experience: Adrian has a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and joined the team in October 2020. He comes with 27 years in the Electronic and Networking fields. He was the Lead Technical Advisor for a telecommunications company for 4 years and a remote area service tech for an infrastructure telecommunications company for 5 years before that. He’s also owned and operated his own Audio Visual and Electrical installation company for over 10 years so he knows the challenges faced by small businesses and the importance of reliable network solutions for your business. Adrian’s experience is unparalleled. He has a class 2 Open Cablers License and is mentoring some of the young guys through getting qualified to have Open Cablers Licenses. We are certainly lucky to have Adrian on the team. Our scope of works has certainly increased since Adrian has joined us.
In his spare time Adrian enjoys working on his old VK Holden Commodore and renovating houses. He’s a volunteer at the PCYC as a driver training instructor with underprivileged youth.
David Halberg - Senior Systems Engineer
David Halberg
Experience: David joined the team is October 2020. He comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Cloud Based PABX systems, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. He’s accustomed to carrying out engineering work and providing technical support to businesses in Townsville and across North West Queensland since 2009. Any tech would love to have his skills and experience. He started his career in IT as Owner/Manager of an IT business in the UK from 1990-2001.
Prior to migrating to Australia, David took a break from IT and worked as a chef in a variety of pubs and restaurants in the UK. Although he was supposed to be taking a break, his talents were employed to design menus, stock control sheets and managing websites. In his spare time David rides a Harley Davidson and is building his own container home. Certainly a can-do type of guy that is great to have around.
David Whiffin - Senior Systems Engineer
David Whiffin
Experience: David joined the team at “The Computer Workshop Townsville” in September 2016 after he sold his business “XenTek Computer and Laptop Repairs” to Chris. Dave worked in IT in Western Australia and South East Queensland for over 15 years until he moved to Townsville in 2008. Since 2008 Dave’s knowledge and skills have increased each and every day. We consider Dave one of our senior IT service consultants - not because of his age but because, if you give him a job, consider it done. You don’t even need to follow it up. Give it to Dave, it’s done. His absolute specialties include Office 365, Website Hosting & Migration and all things DNS related. He has the ability to pick up anything on the fly. He now has well over 20 years of experience and is not only our friend but an incredible technician. We are lucky to have him.
David is a dedicated husband and father and outside of work enjoys building websites and the finer things in life.