Jordan Wilson - Systems Engineer

Jordan Wilson

Experience: Jordan originally worked for Chris when he originally owned “The Laptop Man Townsville” from the age of 14 years. From the age of 16 till now he has worked in various IT businesses and Telstra for over 4 years. In August 2019 Chris had a position advertised to be filled, Jordan and Chris had always stayed in contact throughout his years roaming, so when Jordan called and said, “I just saw your advertisement for a position vacant” Chris replied with “just tell me the day and time you want to start young fella”. It was like Jordan had finally come home. Jordan has always been destined for a career in IT of some sort. He has certainly chiseled out a path with us a “The Computer Workshop Group”. I have known him since he was a kid. He has always had the customers best interests at heart and is one of the most patient techs I have ever had working for me. He has developed into a fine young man. He has found a niche in our Systems Team (even though he is an incredibly capable workshop tech as well). Jordan asks “A LOT” of questions because he has to understand everything. His desire to learn is unlike anyone else you have ever met. When we get a new device in the office to test, Jordan is the first person to take it to a corner or a test bench to play with it to learn all about it. Truthfully he just loves playing with anything IT. So with well over 10 years of experience Jordan has made a permanent position in our team through his great customer focused attitude and his hard work ethic. He’s currently also working with Adrian to get his Open Cablers License.


When he is not playing with IT, he is playing with his cars or motorbikes. He constantly watches “how to” video’s online to learn instead of free to air TV. You can get him to do almost anything if you feed him and incentivize him with chicken, ham or cheese in any form. Oh, and he does have a better half and 2 very cute boys.