Flynn Kearney
Experience: Commencing his after-school position with The Computer Workshop Group since 2021, Flynn is very interested in all things computers and technology. This young man shows wonderful promise and diligence in all he does, and we look forward to seeing Flynn continue to grow in this field. His polite manner and work ethic are why we love having Flynn on the team.
Flynn moved from Melbourne to Townsville 5 years ago when his family decided they needed a lifestyle change. He’s adjusted to the tropics and found it easy to make friends and found Townsvillians easy to get along with. While he does miss the family back in Melbourne, he definitely enjoys the warmer weather and laidback way of life. One defining factor about Flynn is his mullet which started as a joke with his father. “Business in the front, party at the back!”
Personal Information:

Nickname: Mullet Man