So you are starting out in business, you have had your business logo designed you start to brand your business, signage on your shopfront if you have one, you have your vehicle sign written, some nice workwear with your logo on, now you are looking very sharp.

Then you have spent money on a domain name to improve the look of your business, yes it looks very professional, well done.

So what have you done about your email signature?

This is one of those things that is often overlooked, let’s take that lovely branding that you have created and add it to your emails.

But why you ask?

Here are a few reasons that you should have an email signature:

Email signatures look professional, as opposed to an email signed off with just a name one with a signature including your business logo and your contact information, and all matching your branding gives a much better impression.

The information in the signature makes it so much easier for people to contact you, make sure you have included your telephone number, email address, street address, and website details.

You can also add links to your social media if you wish, the whole idea is to make it easy for someone to contact you, this could be an opportunity to gain extra followers on your social channels.

They are a good way to promote your brand, emails are often one of the first ways we contact people, having all your business information in one place not only makes it easy for the potential client to get back in touch with you but also helps them to identify with your brand.

Email signatures are to all intents and purposes digital business cards, they allow you to show some personality, you have the ability to design the signature however you want to allow your Business and Logo to stand out, some people like to have a headshot in the signature to help make it memorable.

The most important thing is to be creative with your signature but be consistent, when you settle on your design, apply it across all email accounts so you are giving a consistent message in all your digital communications.

In reality, email signatures are an easy addition to improving the professional look of your business, they also make it really easy for you to share your contact information in a way that most people will never loose, unlike a business card most people don’t throw out emails.

If you need help designing an email signature we are here to help, we can help with the design and show you how to add them to your mail program so whenever you send an email or reply to one your signature is included.