In my travels while talking to business owners, I am constantly surprised that they have been waiting for months for their internet to be connected. 

Without decent internet, the efficiency of your business is held hostage.  Even if they supply a nighthawk to tide you over, the speed is painfully slow and can cause unnecessary frustration.

Even phone systems are held to ransom as all phone lines are now VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  Gone are the days of copper wires connecting everyone.  Even if you do have copper, it’s purpose it to connect you to the internet which then provides your phone service.

I visited a business who complained bitterly that she’d been waiting 4 months for Telstra to connect her phones and internet.  I confidently told her we could help.  Unfortunately, she thought Telstra owned the lines and were the only provider she should trust.

It took a while to convince her that NBN was responsible for the lines and Telstra was just another wholesaler.  After 3 visits, she finally agreed to listen to what we had to offer.

When she realized we knew what we were talking about, she asked what she needed to do to have it all connected.  Since we never insist on contracts, we quoted an upfront investment in hardware and labour and, as a challenge, the boss told her it could be completed that day.

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  It was all systems go!  Our technicians were on the move to organize the internet and configure her new phones.  By 5.30 that afternoon, she had fully functional phones and internet.

Don’t believe it?  Go talk to Tasha at Port City Roofing.

The big telcos are too cumbersome with so many departments, they don’t have the agility we have to make things happen quickly.

We have no obligation to any wholesaler leaving us free to use whoever will do the best job for our clients.  This means that rather than coming to see you with an agenda to sell a particular product, we come with the agenda to solve your phone and internet problems.

We’ll ask lots of questions and make suggestions to determine the best solution to your problem.

Once you’ve agreed to what we have to offer, it’s up to us to make IT happen.  The main hold up we experience is waiting for numbers to be ported from previous providers.  This can take anything from 2 weeks to 3 months.  As I said before, the big telcos can be slow on the uptake.

After we’ve taken over your phone carriage service, your bills will be coming directly from us.  And if you have a problem, you call us.  No waiting on hold for hours on end trying to find a real human being to talk to.

A perfect example of our after sales service is Townsville Gearbox and Reconditioning.  The called at 8.30 in the morning, frantic as they had no internet.  Jordon left immediately with a 4G failover to tide them over till we could figure out the problem.  Since we are such a big client of our wholesaler, their issue was immediately escalated so an NBN technician was onsite that day.  They’d discovered that a rat had chewed through the fiber.  Their internet was reconnected by 2 o’clock that afternoon.  Try and get that fast service from one of the big telcos!

We’re not perfect, no one is, but we’re very quick to attend to our clients if they ever have a problem.

Being a small business in town, we have to offer good service or we’d be out of business in no time.