I am constantly amazed at how many people still think Telstra owns the lines for the NBN network.  Their advertising makes it appear they are in charge of it all but that is so misleading.

There was once a time when Telstra owned all the copper cabling for the old analog phone system but when the government rolled out the fibre for the broadband network, Telstra sold it to NBN Co and became a wholesaler just like many of the other telco wholesalers.

I remember when I wouldn’t move my business from Telstra because I knew if I had a problem, I’d get priority but if I’d move my business to another provider, my problem would be at the bottom of the list.  Not so anymore.

Telstra has become a huge behemoth with too many departments who don’t talk to each other.  Each passes the buck and on one wants to take responsibility.  Just about everyone has had the frustrating experience of trying to call Telstra and having to go through various transfers before actually talking to a real person.  Then there’s the issue of trying to understand their foreign accent and being transferred yet again because it’s not their department. 

They’ve brought their call centres back to Australia with many operators working from home.  While this is a step in the right direction, it’s still an exercise in frustration especially since they’ve tightened their security measures and you’re expected to go into a store to change your password.  Who has time for that?

If you’re dealing with any big organization, it’s very difficult to get exactly what you need and will often have to settle with what they want to sell you at the time.

Some telco providers in town are agents for Telstra and will not give you the options of going anywhere else.  Should you incur an issue, their response it to tell you to call Telstra.  How frustrating is that?

That’s just not right.

Here, at The Computer Workshop, we take great pains to make sure we are solving your problems and custom designing an internet/phone system for your specific needs.  Our agenda is never to sell you any particular product but to provide the best solution possible for your business.  We are not tied to any wholesaler and will go with the one who can provide the best service for our clients.  Since we have hundreds of connections with our wholesalers, if one of our clients has an issue with their internet, it is upgraded to urgent and a qualified NBN technician will be deployed to investigate and fix the problem very often that same day.  If you were to go directly to that same wholesaler, the saving you would make would not be worth the downtime of having to wait your turn should your internet go down.

While we take great pains to help all our clients have reliable internet and phones, we are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  However, our dedicated team of technicians are always quick to respond should any of our clients have an issue.  We understand how important downtime is limited to a little as possible and will get things working as fast as we can.

Unlike the big telcos, we never insist on contracts as we believe you should be able to move your business elsewhere if we’re not providing the service you require.  Can’t ask anything better than that😊