We all joke about the things you should do when you are having IT issues but so often, they are the things that we forget.

The constant joke made about the request of have you turned it off and back on again may seem like a simple solution but on so many occasions it can save hours of frustration trying to get a machine to work.

This also holds true for situations where your internet is not working, often turning the router off and then counting to 10, then powering it back on will resolve the issue.

After all the first thing your Internet provider will ask you to do when you contact them is to restart the router.

Quick note: restarting and resetting the router are two different things, to restart your turn the power off and back on again, to reset the router you clear all the settings usually by holding in a small button and waiting for the lights to flash, this is usually the last resort as if there are any account details in your router for your internet connection they will be lost.

Another common one is my internet and applications are not working, my PC is fine it was working yesterday but nothing is working now, it’s turned on ok!

Check that your WiFi is connected or if you have a network cable that this is plugged in, so often you find a cable has become unplugged.

My password doesn’t work, I’m sure I have it right it’s the same one I have been using for years.

So have you checked that you don’t have Caps Lock on? Does it have numbers in it and are you using the Number Pad, if so, is that turned on?

So often these simple checks will resolve this one, it is so easy to catch the Caps Lock key without realizing it especially when you are typing your password.

Of course, we keep the best to last, nothing works! No power!

Have you checked that the power is turned on, or is the power cord plugged in?

I know it sounds silly, but you would not be the first person to have this happen to you, I have been out to the site with a client and they were convinced that the PC was dead only to find the plug was not in the power socket. A very expensive mistake.