I am constantly amazed by the number of businesses that do not have their own domain name, they trade on free email accounts and have no real website, ok they may have a Facebook page but not much else.

So why should you have a domain name, what does it do for your business?

For years I have been working with small business owners helping them with their technology solutions so they can present a professional front for their business, one of the first things I always suggest is to register a domain for your business, it makes you look like a much bigger business than you may actually be and it does not cost a fortune. Using your Bigpond, Hotmail or Gmail email address just makes you look cheap, as a potential client I would be questioning how committed you are as a business owner.

To put it into perspective a domain name costs around $50.00 per year with maybe $150.00 a year for email hosting, ok you may have to pay someone to set it up for you so maybe another $200.00, so for around $400.00 a year you can go from that bloke down the road that’s doing things on the cheap to someone that looks professional and gives the impression of being a big business.

Take it a stage further add a simple website that shows what you do and you can add some testimonials from clients that you have carried out work for and you suddenly look like a big business, again the cost of this is not massive, $150.00 a year for website hosting, and for a simple Website a one of cost around $1000.00-$2000.00.

For a relatively small investment, you have now in your client’s eyes become a much bigger business, you will be viewed in a different light by your competitors and other people in your industry.

The most common objection to registering and using a domain name for emails is “I have been using this one for years and everyone knows it”, ok so you redirect the emails to the new account and send an email out to everyone to let them know about your new address, you could also announce your new website and maybe even include some other marketing to promote your business. I know you are already so busy you don’t need any more work, but it’s always good to reconnect with your old clients.

The other good thing about registering your domain name using the .com.au or the new .au domains is it identifies you as an Australian business and if you have a web page it will help you rank higher in web searches.

So I would urge you to think about registering a domain for your business, rob@robthetradie.com.au or rob@robthetradie.au look so much better than robthetradie@outlook.com

If you would like to discuss your options we are happy to sit down with you and look at how we can help, our aim is to help you be the best business you can be.