The question we often get is why should we do updates? it’s either that or we have that client that says I never do updates my machine works fine….

So those updates on your computer are usually either “Patches” or “Service Packs” to address issues with your software, sometimes they may be updated versions of your software.

So I know they always want to be installed at the most inconvenient time, but there is good reasoning behind the necessity for them.

So here are four reasons to run updates

Help to Reduce Vulnerabilities.

This is most probably the most important one, security updates are critical to reducing the risk of cyberattacks, the updates are there to protect against known vulnerabilities and malicious attacks that have been identified by your software vendor, they want you to have the best experience using their software possible and therefore want to protect you.

Using your computer without applying these patches is a bit like leaving the front door open and your keys wallet on the table, it’s almost like giving an open invitation to the criminals to come and take your sensitive data or hold it for ransom.

Fix bugs in software.

Things that make your software crash or other glitches that can be frustrating and time-consuming, software providers recognize this and release these updates to get you on the most stable and current version of their software, they are also aware that if they look after you by doing this you will be a more loyal customer so for them it is also about giving you the best user experience.

Often it is where the software developers have uncovered issues with their software often from user reports or due to common issues, never be afraid to contact your software provider if you are having a problem with their product, they may have the solution.

Ensure compatibility

I heard this described as not being like a dinosaur in the technology age.

With the never-ending improvements in technology, we need to try and keep current so our systems are compatible with the organisations, businesses, and other individuals we interact with.

Keep the playing field level don’t insist on using an old, slow, and outdated computer that is struggling to perform the tasks you have to do, look at the benefits of upgrading.

Stay ahead of the Competition

Ok, so you are happy with all of the above, what else?

How about just staying ahead of the game (or the competition), why not be the innovator or market leader by keeping your systems at the top of their game, making your business the most efficient to deal with by leveraging the most up to date technology and systems.

So, updates are there for a reason, I know they can be a pain when there are installed and it’s true they can sometimes, very rarely break your system, but if they do there is always an easy fix.

The best advice we can give is Update, Update, Update, there is always a good reason.