Jason Meracis

Experience: Jason joined the team in late July, not long after his wife Karolina joined the team as Admin Officer. He originally came to help our technicians as we needed another pair of hands for the increased workload we have experienced. He soon proved very capable and though we rarely employ “family” we considered his talents too valuable to lose. Jason brings to the team a plethora of knowledge and experience in electronics and engineering with his specialty in robotics. Even though he brings so much talent and skill, his humble quiet attitude and eagerness for excellence has made him an integral part of the team. He’s often seen working quietly and deftly in the background just getting jobs done with a minimum of fuss.


Jason is our resident “Mexican” having moved here to enjoy the warmer climate Townsville has to offer. He’s found that the people here are more friendly and open than “South of the Border”. Like his wife Karolina, he likes the relaxed lifestyle and abundance of fresh produce we have on offer. After many years in the music industry, he’s happy to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life North Queensland has to offer.