When most people think of the word Woodstock, they think of the raging festival in the 1960’s famous for hippies, drugs and flower power.

But just 40 kms west of Tonwsville is a small rural town called Woodstock with a population of around 240 people.

It was named by Mark Watt Reid in 1863 who was  the station manager for pastoralist John Melton Black,  The town takes its name from the Woodstock pastoral run at the time.

Though it’s a small community, it’s boasted a school since September 1890 and is currently a government primary school from Prep to Grade 6. The school currently has an enrolment of 48 students drawn from Toonpan to Reid River and out to Majors Creek.

The Woodstock General Store is the local shop, café, news agent, service station, bank and post office.  Its main centre is located on the Flinders Highway where it meets the Woodstock-Giru Road.

Though it’s a small community, it has its own aiport listed as Woodstock Airport but its better known as Donnington Airport.  The area also supports and number of private strips needed for the long distances between stations.

Limestone is mined is a suburb in the Woodstock area called Calcium.

Our technicians often drive through Woodstock on the way to  our workshops in Clermont and Cloncurry so if you live in the area and need any help with your IT, give us a call on 1300 775 442