Montell Engel

Experience: Montell joined the team in March 2021. His fantastic attitude and attention to finishing a job in an outstanding fashion gave Montell an invitation to join our team. Once again, he was hand picked to join us, not just a random application but a finely selected individual who not only fits in to our team but makes it better just for being involved in it. The standard of his work is outstanding and his attitude for a young fella is truly something to be proud of for him and his family that has produced this young man. Montell works with Adrian daily and happily works along side the IT guys in the team teaching them his craft. Montell has an Open Cablers License with many endorsements. A great accomplishment for a young man of his age. He also has a Security License and is able to provide our clients with a high level of work execution and customer service. He is enjoying learning the many other areas of business.


Born and raised in Townsville, Montell comes from an Italian background. He is family orientated and spends his free time participating in sport, gaming and is an avid car enthusiast. With his positive and friendly nature, Montell is very much a valued team member. Montell is a rare young man that likes to complete jobs at 7pm at night just so the job is finished instead of having to go back to site the next day because he left the job 80% complete at 4:30pm the day. That one statement sums him up to a tee, great attitude and great work ethic. He has made our team his family and we are lucky to have him.