Michael Insch

Position: Systems Engineer
Experience: Way back in 1996, in the pre-google days, while still in school Michael was already in the business of programming web pages. As soon as he finished school, he had a job at a local computer shop in Ipswich. Since then, he’s worked on computer operated machinery in various roles. He is well known on Magnetic Island for working at a popular unconventional café and has been the “go to” man when anyone on the island needed IT assistance. Rather than fumble along on his own, Michael applied for a job at The Computer Workshop where his experience in making IT happen has proved valuable.


Michael is a Queenslander through and through. He was born in Mackay but grew up in Maryborough. His family moved to Ipswich where they lived for 20 years. On New Year’s Eve 2015, Michael arrived at Magnetic Island where he met his lovely wife Fiona who is a well-known local musician. He soon became an integral part of the music scene becoming President of the Magnetic Island Musos Club. Michael and Fiona have 3 delightful young daughters, all under the age of 6.