Position: Office Assistant
Experience: Born and raised in Townsville, Kira is every bosses dream personal assistant! Her previous working career was spent climbing the ranks through to senior management, and the increasing hours of the hospitality lifestyle confirmed a much needed change. This allowing Kira to have a suitable work-life balance. With 4 beautiful children, and a passion for the outdoors, Kira is thriving at her new position here at The Computer Workshop Group. Kira understands the pressures associated with management, and is enjoying the opportunity to absorb a range of tasks to help assist Chris and the team. No two days are the same here at the office, and while Kira has only been with us since late April 2023, she has been an immense help, and a valued team member!


Her can-do approach, and willingness to help in any way has been so wonderful for The Computer Workshop Group. If you get the opportunity to meet Kira, you will feel just how bubbly and positive she is each and every day! Kira’s goal is to simply give her absolute all in the workplace, while also being the best mum possible, living a humble life. We are so happy to have you on the team!