Barry Lollo - Senior Systems Engineer

Barry Lollo

Experience: Having Barry join “The Computer Workshop Townsville” in March 2018 has been vital to the growth of our business and our work in the Health Care Industry. Barry is known as an educator and is respected by all whom he comes in contact with. His ability to be the “White Knight” in any problem situation is a credit to him. His influence on Chris has been instrumental and extremely invaluable. His incredible experience working in the Divisions of General Practice, Medicare Locals, and NAPHL for over 15 years has helped the many medical centers we have as clients. His skillset in Hardware, Operating Systems, Databases and Software Development has made him integral to our continued growth. He is commonly sought out by past colleagues as someone to “run something past you” as his opinion and experience is valued by all. He is an absolute professional to any and all that he comes into contact with.


Barry has been in the technical service industry since 1978. Typical of IT enthusiasts, all things IT are what consumes his time outside of work. He is a dedicated father and loving husband. It’s fair to say “Barry raises the standard of the entire team because of his influence”. We love having Barry around.