Jens Kappes-Lowry
Experience: Jens was the latest recruit on our team and started with us in October 2020. His eagerness to pull things apart and put them back together again made him to perfect candidate for the Tech Bay. Essentially, he had no formal qualifications prior to working with us but he is an avid “tinkerer” like all the other techs here which sits in good stead with us. His technical skills level has grown exponentially since starting with us. Eight years of retail experience has helped him deal with the diverse clientele who call on us for help. He has made himself a vital part of our team. He’s currently studying and working alongside Adrian to get his Open Cablers License as well as learning all things IT in the Tech Bay.
Outside of work, Jens has a passion for fast cars. Best he doesn’t get a work vehicle.
Patrick Roberts
Experience: Patrick started with “The Computer Workshop Townsville” in July 2018 after “The Laptop Man” closed down on Charters Towers Road. He was given an opportunity to work with us because Chris sensed his technical skills and knowledge would bloom with the correct environment in which to learn. Patrick has developed into an incredible technician both in the workshop and onsite. Prior to working with us he had never touched a Mac and now he is one of the best Mac repairers of the modern Mac that I have ever come across. He has made his position within the company invaluable. He is an incredible asset to the team and loves to specialize in building high end gaming and graphical machines. He has studied Information, Communication & Technology at JCU but has found that his love of learning on the go a better way to learn. Patrick’s experience is valued greatly and he has taken on the role of doing trips to the outback to service our bushy clients as well.
Patrick loves movies and computer games. At home, he’s setup his own gaming room including dual monitors and 34 inch curved display. When not being challenged by the latest game, he enjoys camping and going out with friends. He also has a beautifully manicured head of hair and a beard.