Chris Bugeja - Owner/Director of The Computer Workshop
Chris Bugeja
Experience: Chris has spent the last 20+ years in IT. He has a passion for giving businesses a better way to do what they are already doing. Chris setup and ran “The Laptop Man Mackay” and “TLM Townsville” and sold them both prior to 2009 when he decided to setup “On The Road Computers” in 2010 to predominantly service the needs of the bush. The business grew and grew until he started "The Computer Workshop Townsville" locally. He bought “XenTek Computer and Laptop Repairs” in 2016 and merged it into the current enterprise. Since then, the business has grown very well with little acquisitions along the way.
Chris enjoys spending time with his family and renovating property when he is not busy being the director of “The Computer Workshop Group”. Chris loves doing what he does, meeting new clients, dealing with existing clients and adopting new technologies and making his and other businesses better because of it. His personal challenge is to offer what other bigger businesses offer, with better service at a competitive price. He enjoys the daily challenges that this field brings with it.